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Menu 24 is located in 13 Corporation Street, Preston. PR1 2UP the place for you and all you need to do is decide what you want to eat. They have all those favourites Dishes such as Wings, Burgers, Salad Bowl, Rice Bowl .............

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Special Dishes

What Do you want?

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Salad Bowls

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PR1 & PR2 £1.50 Delivery Charge

PR3 PR4 PR5 £3.00 Delivery Charge

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13 Corporation Street, Preston

All Credit Cards Accepted

Opening Hours

  • sunday 16:30 - Till Late
  • monday 16:30 - Till Late
  • tuesday 16:30 - Till Late
  • wednesday 16:30 - Till Late
  • thursday 16:30 - Till Late
  • friday 16:30 - Till Late
  • saturday 16:30 - Till Late
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